Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What the hell is this?

Catchy title, right?  Well here's what happened.  After an hour and a half session with our therapist, I stood up from the couch and instantly had a sharp pain in my clitoris.  I have read many other blogs that speak about clitoral pain, but I've never myself had it.  What the hell?  So I had this sharp pain for several hours after that.  I took a hot bath which usually helps my vagina pain a bit, and while I was in the bath I felt around and pushed on different spots and found that if I pushed on the bottom part of my clitoris there was a sharp pain.  Also, the friction of walking around irritated it.  When I went to bed it was still hurting,  but I woke up this morning and it's gone.  What is this?!  I am so hoping that it was just an anomaly.  I don't need to add clitoris problems to my already long list.  Does anyone have any insight about this problem?

So far all my pain has been internal - why oh why must there be another component?  PLEASE NO!!


Jaene said...

There was a period of time when mine hurt too:( I even went to my Dr to have it looked at because I was sure that there was something seriously wrong! He said that it looked fine so not to worry about it! I left the office really upset because it sure didn't feel fine!! So, like many other dr's visits, I left feeling worse than when I went in. I had the pain off and on for about 2 weeks or so, then it just went away.

P said...

When you have pelvic floor dysfunction, the muscles can spasm and impinge on the pudendal nerve. This nerve innervates the clitoris, vulva/vagina, perineum, rectum. I know you have vestibulitis, but that in itself contributes to PFD. It's one of those things--which came first, the chicken or the egg? Anyways, my bet is perhaps your pudendal nerve is a bit angry due to everything else going on in your pelvis, thus causing the clitoris discomfort. Or, it could be referred pain from a different issue. Hang in there and take it easy. If you have any lidocaine ointment, it might help to apply that to the clitoris.

Esther said...

My pain started with pain in my clitoris -- or actually hovering above it somewhere in my body. It actually felt kind of like bladder pain, only on the bottom of my pelvis and not on the front.

After a while, that pain extended back into other parts of my vulva, perhaps as a part of pelvic-floor dysfunction in response to the pain, as P mentions.

I experimented with different diets and have been able to make the pain recede to just the clit space while eating very carefully. I've also noticed that my clit area will flare if I drink tea or eat certain other foods.

You might consider experimenting with diet, and you might also investigate, in one way or another, trying to relax your pelvic muscles to see if that makes a difference for your clit.

Finally, as P said, it could simply be that your pudendal nerve is involved and has started flaring in a different way. But whatever the case, don't despair! My pain has taken up different areas of my vulva over the past four years, to varying degrees, and what I've learned is that I have to deal with vulvodynia as a whole and try not to get caught up in its particulars. You may not be convinced right now, but try remember that your body is NOT falling apart! New or different pain could end up being a normal part of your experience, but it doesn't mean that your burden increases every time things change. I've found that the mental/emotional challenges I've faced have remained the same regardless of what I experience physically, so I focus on overcoming vulvodynia as a whole instead of on what it's doing today.

the girl with pain "down there" said...

That's a good way to think of it... but i still just can't believe I potentially have ANOTHER problem! It's been feeling a bit weird lately, but I haven't had the sharp pains I had that one day. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it won't happen again. Thanks for all the info girls!

Anonymous said...

I've DEFINITELY experienced this!!!

Kate said...

Very familiar with this. If you haven't already, it's definitely time to look into pudendal neuralgia (I notice someone else suggested it). My first experience of pelvic pain was labial, but sharp, horrible clitoral pain was close on its heels. Contact makes it magnitudes worse, but the sharp pains appear seemingly out of nowhere. I think when clitoral pain appears it says something about which branch of the pudendal nerve(there are three primary branches) is involved.

Sorry. Sucks.

lissitabonita said...

Hello Ladies,

I know this post is rather old, but I have been searching on the web for weeks for clues as to what could possibly be wrong with me. I have been to the gyno three times (two different ones) and each time they say nothing is wrong, and to just take an Ibuprofen. "Thanks for the tip" I think to myself, "but that doesn't help me figure out the cause".

A few weeks ago, I have been getting sharp pains in my clitoral area, without reason as far as I can tell. And as TGWTPDT said, moving around, getting up from a chair, walking around, makes the area even more irritated.

I am starting to really get frustrated because I dont know where this pain is coming from, and how I can prevent it. It is causing me lots of stress since I work at a job where I have to move around a lot and find it incredibly embarrassing to explain to my boss that I have to stay home because of the pain.

Has anyone else found a concrete reason for this pain, and hopefully a cure or a way to manage it??

I don't know if this is allowed (I'm sorry I'm not really familiar with blogging rules) but if anyone has any information or help, I would really appreciate if you would contact me. My email is

Thank you!!

Angy said...

Hey, I've had this sharp clitoral pain too and think I found an interesting article that seems to explain what's going on. Hope this helps!