Sunday, March 14, 2010

Libido or Sanity?

About 6 months ago I decided to stop taking birth control in an effort to do anything I can to bring back my libido. I'm not sure that any study has proven that birth control has a direct negative effect on libido, but I do not want to take any chances. Plus, I really don't need to take it considering I haven't even attempted to have sex in almost a year.

So, I think it took a few months for all of the drugs to get out of my system, but in the last couple months I can really feel a difference. Not with libido, with sanity. My last few periods have been pretty tough and I think it's because I'm not taking BC anymore. For the past week I have had a headache and been extremely tired. Today I burst into tears for really no reason and I've just been lethargic the past few days. The cramping actually wasn't so bad during this period, but my last one and the on before it came with probably the worst cramps I've ever had.

It sucks that either way I go, I pay a price. But I'm not willing to go back to BC just yet. If there is any chance that it effects my libido, I will sacrifice a little monthly pain and insanity to hopefully be able to get horny again.

In related news, I just had my first period using only cloth pads. After reading Pearl's entry about cloth pads I decided to try them out in an effort to keep my vagina away from as many potential irritants as possible.

What I like about cloth pads:

-Most importantly, and the reason I will continue to use them, my vagina feels better than with disposable pads. I don't get as itchy and I really do feel like my vagina can "breathe" more.

-they are pretty

-they are environmentally friendly

What I don't like about cloth pads:

-they scrunch my underwear where they snap and it makes me have a sort of wedgie all the time. I got some extender snaps, and they help some, but there's still a bit of wedginess.

-Sitting for long periods of time is uncomfortable in these pads because they are thicker than what I'm used to. It's not the sitting/burning problem I have, but just a discomfort in my butt area.

-they are more high maintenance because of the cleaning process.

Regardless of the down sides, I will continue to use them. My vagina just feels better and that's the most important thing. I can live with the other stuff if they are helping make my vagina feel better. Thanks for the suggestion Pearl!


Anonymous said...

Could you be having anemia? That would explain the fatigue and headache.

I have really heavy periods off of the pill, just really awful ones. Thats's why I stay on them, also for sanity's sakes as well.

Homemade pads are wonderful. There are free patterns on the net too if you ever need more. They do cause super wedgies though.

the girl with pain "down there" said...

I have been checked for anemia before and didn't have it, but it's been a few years. I guess I could check again.

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Pearl said...

I'm late on commenting, but I'm glad you had an overall positive experience with cloth pads. The wedgies can be a pain in the butt (ha!), but you learn what pad/underwear combination works.

I've found that the pads that are wider than 2.5 inches are much more comfortable. I also wear my cloth pads with more fitted underwear to keep them in place. If I remember correctly, Pleat's pads are a little on the narrow side.

I got contacted by MTV too...not doing that! I can only imagine my students seeing me on tv talking about crotch pain and my sex life. No thank you.

the girl with pain "down there" said...

Exactly the reason why I will not be going it either. I am also a teacher and I just don't want to go there for the world and my students to see.