Friday, April 16, 2010

Maybe other doctors ARE idiots...

I'm just kidding about that; I don't really believe that all other doctors are idiots. But I have had my hormones tested 2 times prior to going to Dr. Goldstein and both times the doctors told me that everything was normal. I've gotten my results back from the blood test that I had at Dr. G's and they tell a very different story. My estradiol is 40 when it should be at 70 and my testosterone is .2 when is should be .6. I'm no scientist but that seems like a huge difference! I know this may sound weird, but I am so relieved that my hormones are, in fact, low. It gives me something to grasp onto as a possible reason for my problems. Not only can I attribute my pain to low hormones, but it might actually have something to do with my non-existent libido as well. This gives me so much hope that I really will be able to feel desire again once I get my hormone levels where they should be.

Finally, I have something concrete that I know can be fixed. If I wasn't at work right now, I would just break down and cry from the relief.


Jeanmt said...

Thank you so much for keeping this blog. I'm the chick going to see Dr. Goldstein May 4th. Nervous. Glad that I don't feel so alone (I also am told my hormones are normal, but there is just no way. I'm not an idiot. There is no way).

I was so pleased to read your post today. Please feel better soon.

the girl with pain "down there" said...

Yes, my husband thinks he read something that said that the hormone testing that most doctors do is based on a standard for men! Can this be possible?! He said it's been a while and he could be wrong, but I guess that could be one explanation for doctors telling us that our hormones are normal when they are far from normal. Can doctors really be testing female hormones based on male numbers? Surely this can't be true, but that's what he thought he read.

Anyway, you will be fine on May 4th. I won't tell you not to worry because I know that there's no way that you can just let that anxiety go as you anticipate your appointment. But based on my appointment, I really think that yours will go well.

miriam said...


I had the same experience with Dr. G. I agree with everything you said about him.

I also have tried the est/test treatment last summer. I had to stop b/c of the itchiness, but perhaps I should try it again.

Let us know how it goes.

And yes, I remember that vinegar test well- ouch!

Hope all goes well for you! :)

the girl with pain "down there" said...

After stopping the est/test gel, did Dr. Goldstein start you on another treatment? You say you might try it again so I assume that you are still having issues. Were his other treatment options helpful?

Also, Pearl suggested using Vitamin E oil every now and then to soothe the vagina after using the gel and I've tried it and it does seem to help. So if you try the gel again, maybe you could also try some vitamin E too.

Anonymous said...

I was told by DR G my problem was not my hormones but I'm mot sure why he said that. He never ordered any lab work or did a vaginal culture on me. Just told me my problem was not hormonal or infectious. Just kept prodding away at me like I was an animal. For days later I sat on a heating pad had the worst soreness in my vulva I ever had and my leg went numb and twitched. Does this sound familiar to any of your other ladies?