Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Another doctor added to my Medical Team

Well I have just returned from my first appointment with a psychiatrist.  As I've mentioned before, my therapist really thinks that anti-anxiety medicine might be very helpful for me in just trying to calm myself down during this process.  The appointment wasn't as horrible as I was anticipating.  I did cry of course, because I can't get through anything without crying.  Hey, maybe the drugs will help with that.  That would be wonderful.  I hate the fact that I can't get through any kind of serious conversation without breaking into tears.

He asked me a lot of questions, had me rate my anxiety level now compared to before I had all these vagina problems, and he determined that I should indeed try out some drugs.  He actually wants me to try two!  This is like whoa because I've never taken any kind of mind-altering drug before.  The first one is called Clonazepam and it's for my general anxiety and it supposed to work more long-term.  He also gave me a prescription for another one (forgot the name) that is for anticipatory anxiety.  I'm supposed to take this 30 minutes to an hour before I do something that causes me high anxiety, in my case anything sex related.  We'll see how helpful this is right now considering that we are nowhere near having any kind of sex, but I do think that it could be really helpful later on when we start trying to have sex.

The doctor seems very confident that the drugs will help lower my anxiety and I'm anxious (ha!) to see how it goes.  I've never really been a big fan of the idea of taking any kind of drugs, but it really would be nice not to feel this tension and nervousness all the time.  He said it would take about a week for me to feel any difference and I have a follow-up appointment in two weeks.  I'm hopeful that it will help me out.  I'll let you all know how it goes.

Tomorrow I go back to Dr. Goldstein so I'll also write a post about that soon.

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