Sunday, August 15, 2010

Intimacy Activities

So at the end of our most recent therapy session, our therapist charged us to each buy a sexy game to play that would be fun and intimate.  She also told us to keep our games a secret and not tell each other what we were getting.  That was kind of fun because we had no idea what the other person was going to get.  And there are a million sex games out there so we didn't have to worry about getting the same one.  So I researched online and read some reviews, trying to find a game that didn't focus on actual sex (you know, since we don't do that) and I settled on Fun in Bed.  We just played it and it really was fun.  I think I made a really good choice.

So here's how it goes.  It's a card game that comes with props: "a gentleman's tie, a lady's stocking and a feather to tickle your fancies."  There are 6 different types of cards: 1) Kiss Me; 2) Ask Me; 3) Tease Me (green for upper body, purple for lower body); 4) Please Me (black print sets the scene, blue is boy instruction, pink is girl instruction); 5) Surprise Me; 6) Talk to Me.

Here's basically how our game went:

 1. Each person picks a Kiss Me card, reads it, and passes it to his/her partner to act out its instructions.  We had: "Use the edge of your finger to stroke me from my throat to my jaw line.  Delicately cover my Adams Apple area with kisses.  Suck on my throat with your vampire bites" and "Ask me to close my eyes.  Imagine you are a stranger and not a word has ever passed between us but the sexual energy we are feeling speaks louder than words.  Approach and kiss me the way that you kissed me when we first met."

2. Each person picks an Ask Me card.  You act out the gesture written in italics and then ask the question/ give a command.  We had: "Rub your nose with the tip of their nose.  Whisper in my ear something you would like to do to a particular part of my body" and "Trace their jaw line.  What do you think about us taking erotic photographs of each other?".

 3. Next each person picks a purple Tease Me card, reads the instructions aloud, then passes it to the partner to play out.  We had: "Gag me with the tie, put the stocking on my leg and ask me 'Can I do?' questions as you remove items of clothing.  You must do the opposite of everything I want (I can only nod or shake my head in response).  Touch your favorite parts of my body and ask me your question." and "Tell me to lie down on my front and then tie my feet together.  Undo my clothes to reveal my underpants and pull them down slightly to half expose my bottom but don't take them off.  Tease my exposed area.  Kiss my cheeks enjoying your power.  Knead them, squeeze them and then lightly pummel them with your fists as you vary the speed of your actions.  Quickly kiss me up and down the back of my legs."

 4.  Now each person picks a green Tease Me card.  We had: "Take off my top and ask me to stretch my arms out wide with my palms facing up.  Using the feather trace a line from my wrist to my armpit, over my collarbone to my other hand.  Then slither your tongue all the way back along my arm and across my neck and shoulders to where you started, paying special attention to the back of my neck and my inner elbow.  Every now and then surprise me with a gentle nip."  and "While I am sitting down, take off my clothing to reveal one of my legs.  Tie the stocking around my thigh like a garter.  Focus your attention on the part of my leg below the garter.  Hold up my leg and start to kiss my foot as you run your hands along my calf and inner thigh, squeezing them firmly.  Lick and kiss me to behind my knee as you caress me leg.  Suck on my inner thigh below the garter and when you reach it, take it off with your teeth growling like a puppy."

 5. The next activity involves simultaneous use of Please Me, Talk to Me, and Surprise Me cards.  Here's how it went for us: You are acting suspiciously around your partner because you are a spy in a covert mission.  Your mission is to find the missing jewel.  Tie your partner's arms behind her back and search in her mouth, her hair, her hands, armpits and around her breasts.  Then Surprise Me (Nuzzle your way down my body.  Pause at my belly button and then move into my panties and inhale my scent.  Make small circles with your nose, first on my pubic bone and in my hair, then on my clitoris moving around and around.  Vary your pressure.)  You will only reveal the whereabouts of the missing jewel by spelling its location on his inner thigh with your tongue.  Do it and then Surprise Me (Nuzzle up next to me, while I pick a tune.  Hum the tune down my body, starting at my neck.  Move your mouth down to my pants and hum the tune over the fabric.  Pull off my pants taking my length in your hand and cupping my balls.  Take one of my balls in your mouth and start to hum again.  Change the pace and tone of your hum for full effect.)

 Wow, when I started this I had no idea how much I'd be typing!  But I wanted you to have a true idea.
Anyway, the game was fun.  It took about 45-60 minutes to do all that.  And what I like is that you can adjust it to what you're comfortable with.  Like, we did not do any clitoral licking nor did I put his balls in my mouth. We are not there yet.  But we made adjustments and just had some intimate fun, which was the whole point.  If intimacy is something you are struggling with I would recommend this game.  It takes a lot of pressure off because it's just light, sexy fun.

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