Saturday, August 21, 2010

Pelvic Yoga

I just finished doing this DVD call Pelvic Yoga with Kimberlee Bethany Bonura.  I am giving it a ringing endorsement!  I will recommend this DVD to anyone who is dealing with pelvic pain.  I am supposed to be doing yoga for stretching and doing kegels to strengthen my pelvic floor muscles.  I was searching on Amazon and I found this DVD.  It does just that!  It is a regular yoga practice with pelvic exercises mixed in.  Kimberlee has 4 different types of pelvic exercises (kegels) that she does:

1. quick flicks
2. 5 second holds
3. 10 second holds
4. elevator (clenching to 1st floor, 2nd, 3rd, then 4th - then going back down the elevator one floor at a time until fully released)

I felt like this DVD was really helpful and it is a serious pelvic floor workout.  In fact, if you don't do kegels every day like me, you might not be able to handle the 55 minute session of clenching and unclenching, but that's okay, because there's still a regular yoga practice going on.  You can choose how much you want to engage your pelvic muscles and when you feel that you've had enough.  Also for me, it's more important to focus on the "relax" than the "clench", so I just keep that in mind when I do this DVD.

My only complaint is that there was way too much Downward Dog (and you know how much I hate downward dog), but in Kimberlee's defense, most general yoga practice does include a lot of Downward Dog (it's actually kind of an essential part of yoga, darn it).  But with yoga, you always make it YOUR practice, so I did as much down dog as I could and then went into Child's Pose whenever I couldn't hold that dog anymore.

It was a great yoga practice and I really feel like any of you who are doing PT and lots of kegels would really benefit from this DVD.  I promise I do not know Kimberlee and will not be receiving any royalties from this endorsement!  I just really enjoyed it.

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the girl with pain "down there" said...

Side Note: It's been a few hours and I do feel a bit sore in the pelvic area, so I would recommend that even for seasoned kegelers you go at about 50-75% on the clenching front for your first try and work your way up to the full pelvic workout. Still love the DVD though!